Data Visualizations

These are some of the information visualization projects that I have worked on:

Being a Millennial Adult

Through this project, I attempted to create data portraits and art using survey responses collected from my friends. I asked some simple yet interesting questions to dig deeper into what does a typical young millennial think like.

Hate Crimes in USA (2013-2016)

In this team project, we explored the distribution of hate crimes across United States, and showed the geographical differences for various years and states. We did the visualiztions using D3 library.

Lotka Volterra equations

With this visualization, I've attempted to simplify these equations, so that one may easily understand the food-cycle population patterns in nature. I used D3 library for drawing the graphs.

Week of Food Encounters

Inspired by Giorgia Lupi's Dear Data project, I decided to draw one myself. I wanted to illustrate my diet for a week. It wasn't meant to count my calorie, carb, protein, fat or sugar intake, but understand how consistent my eating habits were. It was a fun data + art project, which tested my data logging skills as well!

Golden Ratio

Inspired by Nadieh Bremer's Art in Pi project, I decided to explore another beautiful mathematical constant called the Golden Ratio. Golden Ratio appers in nature, and creates pleasing aesthetics. I used Adobe Illustrator to represent the value of this number.