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Ruta Gokhale

Hi there! I am an Experience Designer. I advocate for human-centered design.

Design is a process, not a result. It is a mindset that helps you find the right solution to the right problem.

Every design choice that I make is in the interest of solving user’s problem. Often times, these problems come with their share of constraints, be it technical limitations or business goals. My job as a designer is to achieve the perfect balance while creating a positive experience for the user. And therefore, I believe two things are most essential to the craft of UX – empathy for the user and exploring creativity within the box.

I completed my bachelors in Computer Science from University of Pune, India. I then pursued a career in design and graduated from University of Michigan with a masters in Human-Computer Interaction. I work as a User Experience Designer at Thomson Reuters, designing for and improving the experience of enterprise products. Prior to that, I worked as a High-Tech Anthropologist® at Menlo Innovations, to create worthwhile products and experiences for clients and their users.

Apart from work, I like painting with acrylics, travelling where I haven't been, and binge watching TV shows! I also pen down my thoughts about design and other projects through Medium posts. Get in touch and say hi, I am always down for a cup of coffee! Alternatively, you can connect with me through email at or LinkedIn.

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Data Visualizations

I create visualizations and art to better understand and interpret, data and information. View more dataviz projects here.